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FacDev@Work is a blog dedicated to the study of teacher development in workplace contexts. if you have actively sought this blog out you will know that most descriptions of faculty development in health care and in mainstream education relate to interventions in which teachers learn about teaching in workshops and seminars. Take clinical teachers for example.  Clinical education is a phenomenon that occurs in corridors, cubicles, wards, outpatients etc. The teaching and learning environments that clinical teachers inhabit are entirely informed by and are part of the organisational and professional contexts in which they work.  There is no doubt that context is enormously important in defining what teachers choose to teach about and how they choose to act. It is also true that clinical teachers struggle transferring new concepts in teaching or teaching techniques that they have learned offsite to their work contexts.  Despite this,  the dominant discourse in faculty development is to train teachers offsite!

The purpose of this blog is to explore current faculty development approaches for healthcare educators and to explore the potential of workplace based faculty development. This blog will I hope allow you to stay in touch with what is happening in faculty development with a particular focus on the development of clinical educators. Please feel free to contribute and join the party!

Peter Cantillon October 2012


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